ChuckWagoN ComputinG
We do computer repair, setup, and maintenance.

Prices starting at $20.
We will travel for $10, plus $0.54 per mile over 10 miles.
Add $5 for each item of user education.
Add $20 for each problem.
Add $10 for each software installation or removal.
Add $10 for any hardware work.
If you have attempted a hardware repair yourself,
no guarantees apply and you will be charged $30/hour.
No guarantees apply to printer work.

Electronics Repair
Smartphone Repair
Webfilter and Device Lockdown Administration
Custom PC Builds
Office Networking

See Website Development and Hosting for information on full-stack website solutions.

25604 8 Road
Montezuma, KS 67867

We do full-stack website development and hosting.

Databases - User Interface - Web Frameworks - From back to front, we can do it.

Contact us for a quote.
Hosting starts at $200/year.
View legal land descriptions overlaid on a satellite map!

Have a legal field name and need to find it? This is the app you need!

The PLSS (Public Land Survey System) is a system in which land is divided into rectangular townships and sections.
This app displays legal section names (e.g. "21W 13S 6") and borders, overlaid on a Bing satellite map.
You can search for sections by their legal name.

Google Play Store
Apple App Store
View your age as a fraction! Save a list of favorite birthdays for quick access!

Google Play Store
A SSH and Telnet app for Firefox OS.


A chromatic Pitch Pipe app with three octaves of range. (C3-C6)


Open is a lightweight app for starting applications and saving space in the dock.


iHackWidget is a widget for quitting Finder and the Dock,
and also for showing (and hiding) hidden files.


ExplainScript makes fancy comment boxes.


WebAdd adds up dollar values from a website.